Class of 2020

BLU Media

BLU Media is a community development platform empowering students of color.


Geometrie helps women find professional clothing that fits.

Le Fay Laundry Care

Le Fay Laundry Care is developing a mosquito repelling laundry additive. 


Nitrides is creating aluminum nitride-based power transistors.


SmartScene is a solution for tracking and predicting motion of people and objects in real-time.


Sprout is a pediatric behavioral telehealth platform.

The Scholar Coin

The Scholar Coin helps students finance higher education and secure student funding with a curriculum and mentor matching platform. 


VeriBuy is an online marketplace to guarantee authentic merchandise.


Wize is a digital financial education service platform to empower those that struggle financially to take control of their personal finances. 

CoD Agent

CoD Agent is building a platform for Call of Duty esports athletes to practice and compete at any level.


Glassgrab is a platform for buying and selling glass art.


Looē is the only company dedicated to helping women manage the safety and quality of their pumped breast milk. 


PediCure is a medical device to assist the elderly in toenail grooming.

Spark Pop

Spark Pop is a guilt-free candy for in-office cravings.

Sway the Vote

Sway the Vote uses science to empower a generation of college students, causing them to register and to vote where and when it matters most.

This is My Spacesuit

THIS IS MY SPACESUIT. is a space-inspired fashion brand that uses education to make design accessible.


Vincurian offers a personalized wine shopping experience for customers seeking to explore wines beyond their routine brands through a tasting room and online store with same day delivery.

WOAH! Brands

WOAH! Brands is producing a CBD-infused sparkling water that provides calm and focus for caffeine drinkers who experience a mid-afternoon coffee crash. 


FanDOME enables teams and leagues to better and more directly engage fans using social influence and spend insights derived from competing over their rank.

Ivy Online Academics

Ivy Online Academics is an education startup that provides opportunities for Chinese high school students to join online research programs offered by top-ranked colleges and universities in the United States.


Qubit removes the distance and noise barrier between football coaches and players. 

Spine Hydrogels

Spine Hydrogels provides a biological repair system for neurosurgeons that decreases their patients’ risk of fusion after discectomy procedures.


Takk is a data-driven phonathon solution that helps higher education institutions maximize financial gifts from alumni, parents, and fans.


UniPantry is a discounted e-commerce platform for students by students.


Voxel is developing technology capable of filtering carcinogens from substances to ensure purity, which could be applicable to CBD manufacturers that desire to remove THC from their products. 


By connecting students to their classmates, Zing helps professors to build classroom community and engagement. 

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