eLab is unlike any other class. You build your own company.


You test your market, talk to customers, hone your business plan,

and get ready to launch.

Preparing for eLab

We put together a few resources to help you refine your concepts, strengthen your team, and improve your own entrepreneurial skill set.

About the program

eLab is a highly competitive, year-long program for students to grow their business and earn course credit.

Ready for eLab?

eLab is not for theory; it is for launching real businesses. If you’ve formed a team, have a concept and exhibit a combination of commitment, passion, coachability, and execution – apply!

Featured eLab Companies

“eLab was an amazing place to start Eversound. We were able to get school credit for building the company as well as learn from seasoned entrepreneurs who have built impactful organizations.” Devin Jameson

VP Special Projects + Co-Founder, Eversound

“eLab is the perfect platform for Cornell entrepreneurs to launch startups and accelerate businesses. The hands-on mentorship challenges and inspires entrepreneurs to grow their network, gain traction, and change the world.” Nick Nickitas

CEO, Rosie App

“We joined eLab with a prototype for Specdrums and an idea of who our customers might end up being. By the end of eLab, not only did we have a fully-functional MVP, but more importantly tons of customer interviews that helped shape our product and understanding of our top customer segments.” Steven Dourmashkin

Co-Founder + CEO, Specdrums