eLab is unlike any other entrepreneurship class.

It is a student accelerator that launches 8-12 real businesses each year.

You and your team will spend one year evolving your business plan, speaking with potential customers, pitching to investors, and preparing for launch. The program attracts some of the brightest and most driven students in the nation.

You’ll graduate with the experience, skills, and connections to launch a successful company.


Delivering Success

Cornell is a top-ranked school for entrepreneruship and eLab is one of the reasons the University leads the nation. Many eLab teams have gone on to raise capital, launch new products, and successfully exit or grow their companies.

Rosie, a web and mobile grocery shopping platform, has partnered with retailers in 31 different states and more than half of the leading wholesalers in the United States. The company raised over $2 MILLION in funding and has grown to over 40 EMPLOYEES.

BrewJacket created an “all-in-one” craft beer brewing machine small enough to sit on a counter. The startup has generated over $1 MILLION in revenue and recently raised nearly $400,000 in Kickstarter pledges for a new product.

Eversound, formerly known as Audiarchy, pivoted their company to help elderly communities increase social engagement. The company rasied $5 MILLION in Series A financing in 2019.

Yorango, a real estate tech company, had its founder featured in Forbes as “one of the nation’s 15 BRIGHTEST college entrepreneurs” and was acquired by UPTOP in 2018.

Current and
alumni startups
have raised over

million in capital

“I got swept up by the entrepreneurship world at Cornell. 

In truth, the entire eLab program and its staff were key to our success.” 

– Pablo Borquez Schwarzbeck, Founder of ProducePay


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