Cornell’s Student Accelerator

The eLab student accelerator launches 12 businesses each year.

Student teams apply for the fall semester and participate in programming focused on customer discovery, pitching, and business model development. Instructors use a pre-determined rubric to evaluate teams’ performance and business models during the winter break and invite 12 teams to participate in the spring cohort.

Students graduate the program with the experience, skills, and connections to launch a successful company.

Delivering Success

Cornell is a top-ranked school for entrepreneruship and eLab is one of the reasons the University leads the nation. Many eLab teams have gone on to raise capital, launch new products, and successfully exit or grow their companies.

Combplex has developed a smart beehive frame responsible for the devastation of bee colonies without harming the bees themselves. The startup won $250,000 in the inaugural Grow-NY competition and was named the Cornell Student Business of the Year in 2018.

 RedRoute, one of the earliest voice AI companies, is creating the future of customer service with the first SaaS product for call center automation. The 20 employee startup has scaled to $4 MILLION in revenue since launching in 2018.

Antithesis creates good-for-you junk food like the popular Grabanzos, a crunchy chocolate snack packed with chickpeas. The startup recently won $225,000 in NSF funding and Grabanzos are now on the shelf at over 30 retailers.

PECO is a powerful search engine that collects information about  brands, products, and entities. Currently, over 70% of leading law firms in China are using PECO.

Current and
alumni startups
have raised over

million in capital

“I got swept up by the entrepreneurship world at Cornell. 

In truth, the entire eLab program and its staff were key to our success.” 

– Pablo Borquez Schwarzbeck, Founder of ProducePay

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