2021 eLab Cohort Demo Day


Agora provides a design management tool for freelance designers in China to communicate with clients, customize contracts, and seek dispute resolution methods.


AI-Learners is an e-learning platform that helps kids with learning disabilities succeed academically.


Bolt uses inertial measurement unit (IMU) sensors and motion capture technology to help hockey players improve their skating technique and increase their speed.

Cloud Montessori

Cloud Montessori is a parent-focused ed-tech platform that leverages the Montessori culture of curiosity, independence, and limitless learning into the home.

College Tax Comeback

College Tax Comeback files taxes for college students and educates students on how to utilize educational credits.

Elixir PX

lixir PX helps hospitals and patient experience managers better target their patient experience goals by providing a workflow management platform allowing them to tighten the feedback loop.


A smarter alternative to kombucha, for the health-conscious consumer.


HEAL is a free, accessible peer chat and emotional support service for Chinese international students.


Hover is a social media platform that helps streamers get discovered through clips. 

Imperium Analytics

Imperium Analytics aims to democratize and facilitate equity research for new retail investors through its platform and services.


JEL is a software solution for students and instructors that organizes material, connects topics, and fosters mutual communication to transform in-person and remote learning.


Klutch is a platform that connects vehicle owners and gig economy workers so that vehicle owners can request to have their state vehicle inspection (and potentially other services) to be done at their home or place of business.

Matte Black Lounges

Matte Black brings premium lounges to mid-sized airports.

Omom Foods

At Omom Foods, we aim to help busy health-conscious, adventurous home cooks enhance vegetable nutrition through a shelf-stable, ready to use solution.


Polici summarizes academic research and delivers key findings to the public.


QBuddy provides personalized mental health solutions catered to individuals’ exact needs.


Vinstinct helps new, Black wine lovers build knowledge, confidence, and connection through wine education and experiences.

Vita Innovations

Vita Innovations designs and develops the VitalMask, a smart mask that provides patient data in overcrowded medical settings.

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