2023 eLab Demo Day

Pluto Street

Pluto Street provides restaurants and coffee shops with retail revenues without tying cash up in inventory.


Synopsis helps business executives save time by finding articles relevant to their industry interests and summarizing the important takeaways.

Cair Fare

Cair Fare delivers delicious and functional food products that promote a sense of well-being.


Chamak is building an inventory-sourcing platform for Bangladeshi rural retailers and farmers, helping to source inventories directly from manufacturers and producers and avoiding intermediaries.


Horizon offers access to co-investing in real estate to retail investors interested in adding real estate ownership to their portfolio without the hassle.


Gig-Up matches gig-economy workers to consumers in order to complete the consumers to-do-list. The company is focused on ensuring portable benefits for the workers and speed of service for the consumers.


Sleeve is a chrome extension that brings sustainable and ethical fashion brands to the forefront of online shopping.

Taoty Inc.

Taoty Inc. conducts beta testing in the food and beverage industry. 



Adaptive Rentals

Adaptive Rentals enables college students to reach their goals and live comfortably by providing secure and luxurious rental apartments with services and resources that support student achievement.

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