2022 eLab Demo Day


Aabix provides access to live environmental data and early notification of maintenance issues in residential real estate properties through a stand-alone hardware device and an accompanying application.

Afritrip Advisors Morocco

Afritrip Advisors Morocco is a travel concierge that offers All-Inclusive private and customized trips around Morocco and currently aims to promote its service to Upscale & Luxury travelers & travel advisors.


Agcess is building the world’s first small farmer-focused data platform, working to close the technological gap and digital divide between small farmers and big agriculture.


CodeBozu makes asynchronous learning feel synchronous.

First Water Technology

First Water Technology provides water production facilities with a simple pre-treatment step, which will adapt existing water treatment systems to process lower quality water.

Fresh Alternative Farms

lFreshAF is a development and management company for controlled environment agriculture facilities.

High Life Luxury Cannabis

High Life Luxury Cannabis is the ultimate Luxury Cannabis lifestyle brand. Our unique product offering spans upscale dispensaries, hotels, lounges, and luxury goods.

MyNatur, Inc.

MyNatur is a website and mobile application that calculates your carbon footprint using your credit card purchases and enables you to neutralize your footprint via carbon offset projects and donations to environmentally based non-profits.


ReLearn is a student-driven class group app that doesn’t require invites, creates study-sessions anywhere 24/7, and applies the best in live collaboration and machine learning to give students memory superpowers.


REVVV SWIM is a sustainable, athletic swimwear line for women who don’t compromise on style when living actively.


RheoHero provides a solution for college basketball athletic trainers to rapidly secure athletes’ ankles without limiting their mobility, while providing support against twisting injuries.


SciVisit provides unique science tourism experiences by connecting scientists with tour groups for exciting educational engagements.


Shopala’s mission is to help shoppers invest in quality, sustainable and practical items with a low cost-per-wear to help people save money and live more sustainably.


StaffOnTap is a digital platform that instantly fills long-term care provider’s scheduling needs by connecting them to temp nurses in the area.


THE POOOL is a fashion-focused workplace designed to provide studio space and expensive machinery for recent graduates from fashion schools.


The Telie app Helps you and your friends decide what to watch, socially.

Yoga Masterminds

Yoga Masterminds is the premiere, online 200 hour yoga teacher training program.

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