eLab Advisors

The eLab advisors play a critical role in the shaping of our team’s business concepts. We rely on Cornell alumni with business and entrepreneurial backgrounds that can encourage startups to ask the right questions, solve hard problems and battle test their concept in a safe environment.

Serdar Mizrakci

Founder and CEO,
Element Farms

Andrés E. Gutiérrez


Aaron Walls

Co-Founder and CEO,

Elisa Miller-Out

Managing Partner,
Chloe Capital

Eric Young

Co-Founder and Partner,
Canaan Partners

John Balen

Canaan Partners

Justin Smithline

Co-Founder and General Partner,
Triple Impact Capital

Robert Raczkowski

Launch Factory

Michael Annunziata

Co-Founder and CEO,
Farther Farms

Stéphane Jean-Baptiste 

Co-Founder and COO,
Kreyol Essence, LLC

Todd Zion

Co-founder, President, and CEO,
Akston Biosciences Corporation

Erica Iannotti

Project Manager, Technology to Market

Frank A. DeCosta, III, Ph.D.

Finnegan Henderson

Marla Beyer

Co-Founder & CEO,

Christophe Gerlache

General Atlantic

Delia Hughes

Tazzy Candy

Jason Guss

Founder and CEO,
Iterate Labs

Rob Karp

Founder and CEO,

Alex Meyers

Co-Founder and CEO,

Ryoko Nozawa

Cayuga Venture Fund

Zach Shulman

Entrepreneurship at Cornell

Nichole Bestman

Founder & CEO,

Apoorva Kiran

Co-Founder & CTO,
Iterate Labs

eLab carefully selects a limited number of experienced advisory board members who play a number of roles based on the needs of each individual team. The advisory board helps students in the following ways:

Ask tough questions

Advisory board memebrs ask tough ‘critical path’ questions designed to help our team’s to improve their concepts.

Provide perspective

Advisory board members  provide perspective on issues ranging from the start up process and fundraising, to product development and distribution of equity to employees. They bring their experiences and wisdom to the table to help our teams succeed.

Provide feedback

Advisory board members provide regular feedback on strategy, products, pricing, sales strategy, marketing plans, investor decks, legal factors and many of the other issues that entrepreneurs explore as they undergo their journey.

Interested in becoming an eLab advisory board member or mentor?