Anjolie Ayurveda is an aromatherapy bodycare line that operates as a fair trade social enterprise. The 5,000 year old ancient practice of Ayurveda has been modernized with pure essential oils sourced from the foothills of the Himalayas. These therapeutic oils and Ayurvedic herbs help to naturally heal the skin.

“Being involved in eLab was a highlight of my Cornell undergraduate experience. Everything that I couldn’t or didn’t learn in the classroom, I learned in eLab, from the mentors and alumni I spoke with. eLab sessions were energizing and left me feeling more focused and passionate about my business. My fellow eLab colleagues became my friends and we shared a unique understanding of what it takes and what it’s like to try and start a business during your undergraduate career. eLab has played an important role in the success of my business, and continues to do so even years after graduation.” – Meryl Gabeler