eLab alumni startup Eversound is further expanding its impact on those in senior living communities with its recent acquisition by Uniguest. Uniguest offers a variety of technological solutions and services to help connect and engage audiences in senior living, healthcare, wellness, and various other sectors. After completing eLab in 2015, Eversound founders Matt Reiners, Jake Reisch ’15, and Devin Jameson ’16 moved their business to Boston, MA, where they now help older adults in over 1,000 communities live more connected lives.

Eversound changes the lives of those in senior living through using technology such as wireless headphone systems and a variety of interactive content. The advanced wireless headphones allow users with differing levels of hearing loss to better communicate and interact with others. Additionally, interactive programs allow users to engage in activities such as fitness, games, entertainment, and more.

Eversound’s combination of hearing solutions and engaging activities helps all residents engage in a more vibrant lifestyle. 

To further expand its services, Eversound was recently acquired by Uniguest. Uniguest provides a variety of technology solutions to help those in hospitality, senior living, education, and more, engage with their audiences. 

Uniguest Chief Executive Officer Matt Goche is looking forward to welcoming the Eversound team. 

“The senior living industry has unique technology and digital engagement needs,” he said in a press release. “We work to meet those needs through our Touchtown and Sagely products, and we view the Eversound addition as the next evolution of providing the best tech to keep the senior community active and engaged.”
This pairing Eversound and Uniguest to continue empowering those in senior living communities, improving their quality of life. Learn more about the acquisition.