eLab Early-Stage Pitches


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Cornell Entrepreneur Network and Entrepreneurship at Cornell present:

eLab Early-Stage Pitches

Wednesday, December 2, 1:00-3:00 p.m. EST

Get an early glimpse

Find out what business ideas and innovations this year’s eLab student startups are working on and help shape their path forward. Student startups have been making progress in this year’s eLab accelerator for only a few months, but you can catch an early glimpse at their business plans when they present their early-stage pitches to Cornell alumni and friends.

We need your suggestions and critiques

After all the pitches are complete, there will be individual virtual meeting rooms to directly share your feedback with the students. Your feedback is incredibly valuable in helping these students progress their startups. You will also be able to share your feedback in the chat tool throughout the pitch sessions.eLab is a student accelerator that empowers and trains participants to launch scalable businesses. Student teams spend one year evolving their business plans, speaking with potential customers, pitching to investors, and preparing for launch. eLab is a program of Student Agencies Foundation and Entrepreneurship at Cornell.

Networking Rooms

Click on the link to join a networking room.


  1. Networking Room 1 (Pitch Block 1)
    • ai-Learners
    • VegForward
    • Bagasse
    • Klutch
    • Polici
  2. Networking Room 2 (Pitch Block 2)
    • HEAL
    • Atlas
    • Vinstinct
    • Fello
    • Bolt
  3. Networking Room 3 (Pitch Block 3)
    • College Tax Comeback
    • Matte Black Lounges
    • Jel
    • Agora
    • Kefi Lifestyle Co
  4. Networking Room 4 (Pitch Block 4)
    • Cloud Montesorri
    • QBuddy
    • Elixir PX
    • Imperium
    • Vita Innovations
    • Hover GG