Andrea Ippolito, an eLab instructor and lecturer at the Cornell University College of Engineering and SC Johnson College of Business, recently authored a guest column for Crunchbase News.  

In a follow-up to her May 2021 op-ed where she analyzed the entrepreneurship gender diversity gap, Ippolito’s latest piece shares her four “asks” of the startup community that she believes could increase the number of women — especially moms — who start companies.  These asks, which include normalizing paid parental leave and prioritizing a true work-life balance that allows flexibility for employees, address the critical issues that perpetuate the gender divide.  

“Working moms aren’t going to sign up to be founders if they can’t have the flexibility they need and thought they were signing up for by leading the charge both in business and at home,” she writes.  

Learn more about Ippolito’s mission to bring more female founders into the startup world by reading the full op-ed here.