by Jeremiah Cotman

This year a new, major event was added to the eLab program: the midyear eLab NYC Pitch Event.

54 people attended Dec. 4th, all of whom had been invited as possible advisors for the eLab companies as they handle new challengers and establish next steps for their businesses, moving into spring semester.

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David Orbach of ToxiSTAT practices before the eLab NYC Pitch Event.

Cayuga Crunch eLab NYC

Company members of Cayuga Crunch, left, Alex Strauch, middle Kristin Zakoworotny, right Javier Perez, pitch to prospective advisors.

Each company’s pitch consisted of a clear picture of the Problem they are solving, the Customer with that problem, the current Market, and an Ask for advice with specific challenges.

Attendees connected with the eLab students following the pitches. The majority of companies have reported multiple significant relationships started at the event.

Ken Rother eLab NYC

Ken Rother, eLab Managing Director, welcomes attendees.

“We really had a good experience and it was the most valuable part of the eLab program thus far,” said Tyler Hogge, founder of Unbroker. “We had six or seven attendees approach us after the pitches to talk. They not only were willing to help, but they were also perfect fits.”

Tyler Hogge Unbroker eLab NYC

Tyler Hogge of Unbroker pitches to prospective advisors.

The eLab NYC Pitch Event was held on the 45th floor of the World Trade Center 7, provided by WilmerHale.

The next big event of the year is Demo Day. Each eLab company will present their progress and show off their business. Join us April 14th for eLab’s Demo Day, part of Entrepreneurship at Cornell’s Celebration two day conference. Register Now.

Bus home eLab NYC

eLab students board the bus in NYC back to Cornell.