This Friday, Dec. 4th, 4:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m., the eLab Teams will be delivering midyear pitches at the NYC Pitch Event.

The event is simple, yet powerful. It allows potential advisors to connect with the startups that need them. It has also given the students an achievable, midway goal in the program. At the conclusion of the school year in April, eLab Teams will deliver a very complete pitch deck to a varied audience at Demo Day. At the NYC Pitch Event, however, students will be presenting specifically to prospective advisors.

Specdrums and Datalogue

Specdrums and Datalogue collaborating at Fall Bootcamp 2.

The eLab Teams are presenting a clear picture of the Problem they are solving, the Customer with that problem, the current Market, and an Ask for advice with specific challenges. Notice the emphasis is not on their Solution to the Problem. Their proposed Solution will be evident for many Teams, however, at this point in the program, the student startups are performing the research necessary to pivot to the Solution that will best suit the Problem, Customer, and Market.

ToxiSTAT and Nutribridge

ToxiSTAT and NutriBridge discuss healthcare markets at Fall Bootcamp 2.

We have been fortunate to attract a wide breath of talent in the audience. The majority of attendees are Cornell alumni and are active in supporting entrepreneurship. Every single attendee is eager to lend their expertise and advise where it is needed. We thank them for joining us in our endeavor to accelerate student startups at Cornell.

The NYC Pitch Event will be held in the conference center of WilmerHale on the 45th floor of the 7 World Trade Center building with an idyllic view of the Hudson River and the twinkling, night lights of Manhattan.

We will be posting photos during the event under Twitter Tag #eLabPitch Follow us on Twitter @CornelleLab

-Jeremiah Cotman


A slice of the view from the 45th floor.