After four years at eLab, starting as a volunteer and progressing to the management team, Peter Cortle is stepping down as Program Manager.

Peter Cortle

eLab has greatly benefited from the skill he has lent us and we thank him for the contributions he made improving eLab’s scope and efficiency in propelling Cornell’s most promising student startups to success.

“His diligent work has contributed to the record number of final round applicants, 54, we’ve seen this year and has made a solid foundation to build on for the future.” -Ken Rother, eLab Managing Director.

At eLab, Peter was able to apply his skills as an excellent coordinator and organizer as well as his knowledge of entrepreneurship. Peter managed operations for the program which included coordinating the application and selection process, leading marketing initiatives, organizing and executing events, and establishing partnerships.

When asked what he is going to miss most, Peter said, “Working with all of our startup teams on a week-to-week basis – I will continue to mentor and advise student entrepreneurs, but the interactions will be less regular than with eLab.”

Peter Cortle Eship Kickoff 2015

Peter has said he is a startup enthusiast who is passionate about people, product, and philanthropy. He has been a co-founder of more than one startup including Life Changing Foundation, a nonprofit focused on empowering the poorest communities in Haiti. Much of his passion lies in passing on his experience and advancing support for young entrepreneurs. When asked of any moments that just made him feel great, Peter said, “Any time our student founders hit a major milestone. We’re really here to serve the needs of the student entrepreneurs, so seeing our teams succeed has been the most fulfilling.”

Peter is remaining nearby, working with Entrepreneurship at Cornell (EaC) where he focuses on marketing and growth. He will also be spending more time on family.

We thank him for his time with us and hope the best for him as he seeks what drives him and continues to benefit the wealth of startup potential at Cornell University.

-Jeremiah Cotman