Former U.S. President Bill Clinton is visiting eLab startup Kreyol Essence today!

Kreyòl Essence, founded by Yve-Car Momperousse is the first agribusiness in Haiti to develop eco-luxury beauty products using unrefined castor oil. Yve-Car participated in eLab during 2013-14 school year!

Here is the full press release:

President Bill Clinton to visit Kreyòl Essence Suppliers & Farmers in Haiti 

Port-au-Prince, Haiti Kreyòl Essence has announced that former U.S. President Bill Clinton will visit its suppliers and farmers in Mirebalais, Haiti on Monday, February 23rd. The visit is part of President Clinton’s tour of several projects supported by the Clinton Foundation in the agricultural, artisan and tourism sectors.

Kreyòl Essence is an agribusiness that brings natural and organic hair, skin, and body products from Haiti to the world. The signature product is Haitian Black castor oil, which is known for its multiple beauty and health benefits.

The Clinton Foundation recently invested in Kreyòl Essence to improve the production capacity of its suppliers of Haitian castor oil. This will help significantly boost daily production and support the value chain of the enterprise.