Between the early round in May and the final round in October, this year we received a record 60 total applicant teams and gave over 45 interviews for the twelve available eLab spots.

The final twelve have been chosen and have taken their places as the eLab Class of 2016.


From left to right: Zach Shulman, Caitlin Parrucci, Ken Rother. Caitlin and her company, Equine Design were chosen for eLab when winning the pitch contest at EaC’s Kickoff Event in September.

Updates with team members and more complete descriptions are coming soon.

The Twelve


Yeast as a joint creation between brewery and supplier.


Removing the broker between lenders and borrowers.


Saving lives through cyanide detection.


High tech accessory, a mobile drum kit on your finger.


Ride sharing for the needs of college life.


Precious metals kept out of the landfill through analytics for e-cycling.

Golden Start

Helping mothers across the globe through ethical commercialization of breast milk.

Equine Design

Keeping horses healthy by tracking water intake.


Giving to charity should be more engaging, convenient and informative.


Connecting Chinese students with accurate information of schools abroad.


Data tracking and the enrichment of data sets for researchers and providers.

Cayuga Crunch

Fresh, crunchy snacks providing nourishment for long, busy days.

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