This Fall, we saw an high ratio of quality among eLab applications. A change from last year, startups were given one-on-one interviews with an eLab instructor over the Summer if they applied early on. These early interviews allowed the startup team to better prepare for Fall interviews as well as allow eLab Instructors better insight into each startup team.

Each year, we accept 12 student startups into the program.

This year, we had no choice by to accept 15!

We have companies across a range of industries, including food, health, hospitality, software, recreation, and investment.

A list of all 15 teams with tagline descriptions can  be found on the Companies page. Pictures and longer descriptions to follow.

If you have experience in any related industries to this year’s eLab startups or experience in marketing, fund raising, distribution, or the startup process, please contact Jeremiah Cotman, [email protected], if interested in advising. Save the date for Dec. 2nd, 2016, eLab NYC Pitch Event, where startups will present the problem they are solving and the challenges ahead to prospective advisors.

screen-shot-2016-11-10-at-1-32-32-pmRed Route meeting a potential advisor at last year’s eLab NYC Pitch Event.