Reuters reported on the growing trend of accelerator and incubators sprouting up on college campuses in the Devin Jameson, co-founder at Eversoundarticle “Entrepreneur 101: To nurture job growth, U.S. universities seed start-ups.”

The article opened with a spotlight on eLab alumnus Devin Jameson’ 16 from Eversound sharing his experience in Cornell’s eLab program and why he found it so valuable:

“Jameson was able to combine his co-founded company with his academic coursework through Cornell University’s eLab program, an accelerator curriculum he completed in 2015.


The eLab program runs for a full academic year. Students build out their businesses while participating in lectures, class work, mentorship and receiving a $5,000 investment. At the end of the program, students demo their businesses in front of a crowd of hundreds, including potential investors.


“Being able to get actual college credit for going through an incubator program was really important,” Jameson said. “I didn’t have to make a compromise.”