The Consumer Electronics Show is held in January to show off the newest technologies of the upcoming year. CES 2019 was held in Las Vegas January 8-11 and eLab alum, Specdrums, was named one of the top new technologies by MacRumors.

MacRumors attended “CES Unveiled” and rounded up some of the most interesting things they came across at the event. The list included the Artemis Mirror, Ovis suitcase, LG’s new laptop, and Sphero’s latest technology – Specdrums.

Specdrums is now available for purchase starting at $64.99. The innovation works by putting a Spectrum on your finger and then tapping on different colors to turn them into music. Specdrums work with an included color board, but you can also use them with any kind of colored object to make different sounds.

Specdrums was acquired by Sphero in June of 2018. With support from Sphero, which has products in 20,000 schools around the country, Specdrums has hopes to expand its offering in the education sector.

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