Jamie Kim ‘19, alum of the 2018 eLab cohort, took to Startup Cornell to share the stories of her entrepreneurial journey. The founder of Jamie’s Farm (formerly bumble & butter), a gourmet, locally sourced granola startup, Kim credits much of her success to the lessons learned during her participation in eLab.

Startup Cornell, a podcast created by Entrepreneurship at Cornell, highlights the entrepreneurial ideas and success stories of Cornell students, faculty, staff, and alumni. Other featured guests have included eLab alumni Jehron Petty and Nick Nickitas.

“eLab was the first time where I really learned about entrepreneurship in an educational sense,” says Kim. “I’m really happy I was able to start with that pretty early on.” 

To learn more about Jamie Kim and why she thinks eLab was so critical to her lasting success, listen to the full episode of the podcast here.