Going against the grain, Antithesis is openly embracing food processing to produce deliciously nutritious snacks. “We’re aiming to reduce the stigma around processing, because we believe it can save the world.”


Doplr is a team analytics platform that discovers underlying issues in teams, and provides leaders with data-driven insights to unlock their team’s potential. By measuring team effectiveness in real-time through short pulse surveys and data mining, Doplr opens the black box of team processes that impact organizational success.

Ezra Box

Ezra Box is a peer to peer affordable storage platform and online marketplace for college students.

My WanderList

Introducing the worldwide travel network, a platform matching wanderlusters with their ideal partners to travel and explore with.  Never alone, always together, where to next?


Rewardzzz is a universal rewards points platform, based on the new and disruptive technology blockchain, that seamlessly connects merchants giving freedom for users to earn and redeem points across all merchants on the program. Rewardzzz is all about creating more demand for merchants through the laws of the incentive economy.

bumble & butter

bumble & butter is a granola brand sold online, in retail, and in markets that focuses on unique, sweet and savory flavors baked from high quality, locally sourced ingredients. bumble & butter offers innovative ideas to eat granola not just as a yogurt topping, but for soups and salads.

Dragon Catcher

Dragon Catcher is a service that can automatically identify, monitor, and generate a report of trademark infringement incidents on global e-commerce websites.

Guardian Health

Guardian Health is a service provider that makes managing a loved one’s medical crisis easier. Our bedside specialists provide clarity, coordination, and peace of mind.


Paircon is a platform targeted at researchers attending academic conferences. Paircon delivers personalized paper and lecture recommendations to each researcher based on his or her past publications and interests.


Combplex provides mobile, in-colony, remote monitoring devices and real-time analytics for honey bee colonies used in migratory pollination services allowing beekeepers to reduce annual losses.


Esta connects general contractors with customers via picture messaging. Customers simply snap a picture, describe their issue, and get matched with pros.


HairDays is a technology-driven beauty company that targets the $500B black hair care industry by curating content. “We guide individuals to purchase hair products while gaining style inspiration and tracking their journey towards #HairGoals!”

Milk + Honey

Milk + Honey is a social enterprise that curates a skincare subscription box for women of color to improve and maintain the health of her skin. When M+H sells a skincare box, a woman in a low-resource community receives a kit to empower her to continue an education, secure a job, and sustain healthy relationships.