Class of 2013


What’s a marshfillow? The perfect marriage between the marshmallow and chocolate. With a chocolate core surrounded by a perfectly fluffy marshmallow, this delicious campfire treat is revolutionizing the way people enjoy marshmallows and s’mores. Our patent-protected confection allows for a seamless s’mores creation process; one that is filled with more flavor and less headache. By combining 2 out of the 3 s’more ingredients into 1, Marshfillows allows for a more efficient and delicious s’mores experience.

The marshmallow will never be the same.


Splat turns your smartphone into this generation’s version of the Super Soaker. Using infrared technology, it allows you to tag and shoot your friends. The software plugs into a wireless gun or magic wand handle. Other developers create apps using our hardware.


Traffio helps e-commerce brands increase revenue with social games.

When people play a Traffio-powered social game on a brand’s facebook page or website, they are presented a series of in-game referral actions to earn more points. Based on scores, players become eligible to win store-sponsored rewards. Players can unlock bigger rewards by earning more points. The rewards give players a rebate on their purchase at this store. Their referrals influence their friends to join the game.

Party Headphones

Party Headphones is a leading provider of specialty wireless headphone systems for silent parties. Plug an audio source into the transmitter, turn on the headphones and allow guests to tune in from up to 100 yards away. The silent party phenomenon has made its way into the world’s largest music festivals and can now be found at Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, corporate events and private parties across the country. Visit us at to book for your next event!


SUNN makes energy efficient, transformative lights that promote human health, enliven interior environments, and reduce energy costs.

Composed of Cornell graduate students in engineering, design, and business, the team has designed a working prototype with the help of a grant from the EPA. SUNN’s flagship product, the Sunnlight, is screw-in lightbulb replacement that uses our patent-pending solar-synchronous lighting technology to mimic natural sunlight indoors using energy efficient color-mixed LEDs. Our technology dynamically changes indoor lighting quality to replicate the outside sun – bringing sunshine to any room, in any building.

Join us on our journey as we invigorate the indoors and bring the sun back in!


WeareverYouGo is an ecommerce platform that provides curated travel solutions to consumers from around the globe. Wearever’s community has the unique ability to explore destination specific photo galleries and recommendations to draw inspiration in real time for their travel wardrobes. WeareverYouGo enables its community to discover culture through fashion.


Rosie is the fastest, most convenient way to shop for groceries in your community. A leader in online and mobile predictive shopping applications, Rosie launched in July 2013 and today enables customers to shop online from local grocers for delivery or in-store pickup. Customers use Rosie on their phone, tablet, or laptop. Rosie harnesses retailer and consumer data to power its patent pending machine learning algorithms, which provide targeted shopper marketing insights for retailers and a fast, smart, convenient shopping experience for customers. Rosie is the winner of Startup Labs Syracuse, Upstate New York’s largest business competition with $350,000 in cash and prizes. Visit for company information and to sign up for a free account.


thinkplay has developed a patent-pending technology with significant implications for musical composition and performance. Musicians can now map audio and video clips to notes on their instruments for real time triggering. EDM on a guitar, hip-hop on a violin, techno philharmonics, and custom visual music are all now possible! Music without limits. In addition to being a live performance tool, thinkplay provides a network for users to share and sell their creations via ‘ePedals’. ePedals are brandable, virtual effect pedals that house the audio and videos clips a user has mapped to their instrument/midi device. This network is the first of its kind and we are able to connect musicians of all backgrounds and genres in an entirely new way. Traditional instrumentalists can now be at the forefront of musical innovation.