Class of 2014


BrewJacket creates beer brewing automation devices. BrewJacket’s launch product is The LagerJacket, a miniature lagering device that allows home beer brewers to lager a beer without a refrigerator. The collapsible device is small enough to fit on a closet shelf when not in use, giving space constrained beer brewers the ability to create lagers, the most popular beer style in the world. BrewJacket is also developing a one-touch beer brewing system that removes the complexity of beer creation but retains the creativity, allowing the 20 million craft beer drinkers in the U.S. to bridge the gap between beer lover and beer brewer.


Fiberspark is a new kind of Internet Service Provider. We start by providing an Internet connection that is 20x as fast as anything you can get today, which allows us to move past connection speed and focus on what really matters: connectivity that never slows down or cuts out. We buck the trend of the Internet Service Provider industry and invest in customer care, making sure that every interaction is handled by someone that is knowledgeable and empowered to help.


Speare provides a smart content recommendation engine to news and media sites. Unlike recommendation systems in other industries, such as e-commerce and music, current solutions for news companies are unable to keep users engaged. We’re here to fix that by creating a smarter engine that first understands the user at a deeper level than ever before, and then explains to them why the recommendation was chosen.

Collegiate Sun

Collegiate Sun Brands improves the image and perception of campus stores by designing and sourcing high quality collegiate merchandise which we also sell online. We currently do this through two brands, Collegiate Sun and The Hardy North. Collegiate Sun provides high quality wayfarer style sunglasses to the student body at colleges across the country. The Hardy North crafts premium quality sweaters and ties from the heart of American manufacturing especially for the graduate students and alumni of Ivy League institutions.

Kreyol Essence

Kreyòl Essence is an agribusiness that offers an extensive array of luxury beauty products. We are the premiere portal for organic and raw ingredients from Haiti. Our excited and purposeful company is anchored by the hydrating and healing properties of our signature product, Haitian Black Castor Oil or ‘Lwil Maskriti’ as it is known in Haiti.

Kreyòl Essence products are a botanical, therapeutic and natural collection of Haitian inspired luxury treatments. Each product is made from delicious, active and ethically sourced ingredients. Our product portfolio consists of hair growth oils, hair moisturizers, exotic hair pomades, body soufflés, natural soaps and soy candles.


thinkplay has developed a patent-pending technology with significant implications for musical composition and performance. Musicians can now map audio and video clips to notes on their instruments for real time triggering. EDM on a guitar, hip-hop on a violin, techno philharmonics, and custom visual music are all now possible! Music without limits. In addition to being a live performance tool, thinkplay provides a network for users to share and sell their creations via ‘ePedals’. ePedals are brandable, virtual effect pedals that house the audio and videos clips a user has mapped to their instrument/midi device. This network is the first of its kind and we are able to connect musicians of all backgrounds and genres in an entirely new way. Traditional instrumentalists can now be at the forefront of musical innovation.


daapr is a new platform aiming to change the way we discover and share online. The site allows users to curate the web with a simple, dynamically updating feed that makes sharing links amongst friends easier and more fun than ever. Link sharing on existing social media platforms is constrained by entrenched norms of use and limiting user interface designs. daapr enables users to aggregate and browse the content other members are posting through a following function. Unlike many social platforms, the core of Daapr will be community curated content (ie. links) rather than community generated content (ie. pictures, tweets, etc.).


Rosie is the fastest, most convenient way to shop for groceries in your community. A leader in online and mobile predictive shopping applications, Rosie launched in July 2013 and today enables customers to shop online from local grocers for delivery or in-store pickup. Customers use Rosie on their phone, tablet, or laptop. Rosie harnesses retailer and consumer data to power its patent pending machine learning algorithms, which provide targeted shopper marketing insights for retailers and a fast, smart, convenient shopping experience for customers. Rosie is the winner of Startup Labs Syracuse, Upstate New York’s largest business competition with $350,000 in cash and prizes. for company information and to sign up for a free account.


Tunetap lets musicians and venues pre-sell tickets to guarantee an audience before booking and committing to a show. In doing so, we ensure that artists don’t run the risk of lose money traveling to and booking a show, and venues don’t run the risk of losing money on overhead costs by being open for a slow night. Along the way, we will be gathering information about user behavior, which will allow us to provide analytics and provide predictions to venues and artists about event turnout and user behavior, even before the event happens.

Worthy Jerky

Worthy Jerky is an all natural beef jerky company founded by Alex Krakoski in Switzerland. After two successful years in Switzerland, Alex decided to expand the company further by working closely with faculty and students at Cornell and built a team of highly motivated students representing many different schools at Cornell. Worthy Jerky’s unique flavors and healthy qualities set it apart from other jerky brands and their jerky will be available on campus in the coming weeks!