We provide the instant gratification of a cold beverage (beer, wine, or soda).


Gatsby supplies customer activated advertisements for different products placed in streaming television shows and provides a platform for retailers and production companies to profit more from product placement.


Ma-Maria connects people who want to buy and sell their time efficiently. We are an Asia based online and mobile platform that connect individuals looking for services with trusted independent service providers.


We make rental simple with an end-to-end property management and listings solution for small to midsize landlords and their tenants.


Group audio technology for special events and assistive listening.


GIX is a cloud-based data analysis and storage platform for scientists where users can share their content, like a GitHub for Science.

Produce Pay

Payment Processing within an undeveloped but high potential industry, the produce industry.


FloraPulse makes water-stress sensors that help vineyards save water and make better quality red wine.


Developing a network of wearable technology that could be used to perform real-time communication as well as GPS tracking without being dependent on cellular network

Right Price

RightPrice will tailor the management tools of the hospitality industry for Airbnb host earning them more money with less time.